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Luxury Car Rental Miami – Prestigious, Fast, & Exotic

Luxury Car Rental Miami

When you’re planning a special event, a luxury car rental is the perfect way to celebrate in style. You can also rent a luxury car to reward your team for their hard work.

Drive the cobblestone streets of South Beach in a Cadillac, or embark on an exhilarating day trip to Everglades National Park in a coupe sports car. A wide range of specialty luxury vehicles is available, so you’re sure to find the right ride for your event.


If you are arriving in Miami International Airport for a special occasion, a Luxury Car Rental Miami is one of the best ways to elevate your arrival. You can rent a luxury vehicle from a number of different companies including ACE Rent A Car, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, and Sixt.

The XT5 looks like a Cadillac designed for today’s crossover world, with its broad angular front end and finlike taillights. It’s more substantial than compact luxury SUVs, too, with a larger cargo hold and better rear legroom than rivals.

The 2023 CT5-V delivers thrilling performance and refined interior appointments that will enhance every drive. It also comes with advanced driver assistance features to inspire confidence in any situation. For example, the available Super Cruise(tm) technology works on over 200,000 miles of compatible roads to steer, accelerate, and brake for you while maintaining a safe distance from vehicles ahead. It can even activate your turn signal and initiate a lane change at the right time if conditions allow.


A Ferrari is a car that embodies the spirit of luxury driving. The sleek car is designed with a powerful engine to provide an unforgettable experience when driving around Miami.

Those looking to drive the latest model should consider renting a Ferrari. The new LaFerrari has a host of inlets and tunnels to help the car achieve a drag coefficient as low as 0.3. This translates to razor-sharp handling and unparalleled efficiency.

For a more classic car, try the Testarossa. This mid-engined V12-powered model was produced between 1984 and 1991. Its impressive performance helped it make a mark in pop culture, including being owned by celebrities such as Rod Stewart and Elton John.

Falcon carries a wide variety of Lamborghini rentals, including the Aventador and Huracan Spyder. The sleek cars are designed to thrill and elevate style on the road. Whether you’re arriving at the Miami International Airport or going on a day trip, a Lamborghini rental will surely impress your guests.


In a world increasingly driven by technology, Lamborghini remains true to its roots. This supercar’s design and power are second to none. It combines cutting-edge engineering solutions with a sensual design and innovative hybrid technology. Its engine has a total output of 819 horsepower and offers regenerative braking and electric-only driving modes.

The LDVI system is capable of managing all the car’s systems to guarantee maximum performance. It processes real-time data to understand the driver’s intentions through steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedal inputs and the driving mode selected via ANIMA. It can then anticipate the driver’s wishes, shifting from feedback logic to anticipatory one.

This supercar is the first Lamborghini to offer an app that lets you control its functions remotely. You can lock and unlock the doors, check the fuel level and battery usage, and more. It also includes a parking assist function that uses GPS to locate your vehicle and send you an alert if it moves.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is the pinnacle of luxury car design, and its Phantom line has been synonymous with extravagance for over a century. The brand’s latest model lives up to this reputation and pushes the boundaries of engineering and refinement.

The new Phantom’s Starlight Headliner, which resembles a night sky, takes over 90,000 laser-etched dots and 152 LED lights to create. It’s also customizable, so owners can choose a different constellation or even have the word “Ghost” illuminated.

The engine in the Phantom is a marvel of engineering, and its processional acceleration is a joy to drive. It builds to a crescendo so subtle that it’s difficult to feel the power coming in, and the suspension smoothes out bumps so passengers might not even notice them. The newest version of the Phantom also boasts 10-percent less noise, thanks to foam slotted into the roof and floor, alloy layers with felt in the walls, and more. The result is a quiet that can rival any home.

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