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Locksmith In Coral-Springs – Keyless Entry Locks

When it comes to protecting your home or venue, locks are the first line of defense. However, like any other item in your home, your locks need maintenance and care.

Whether you need your locks rekeyed after moving into a locksmith In Coral-Springs or you’ve lost your keys, these locksmith services are here to help.

High Security Locks

High security locks use a combination of attributes that prevent thieves from breaking into your business. They are typically constructed with higher metal content, more complex cylinders and hardened steel bolts. They also feature a variety of other features to deter break-ins, such as drill resistance and key control.

Most high-security locks have a patent-protected keyway so that no one can make duplicates of the lock. This ensures that only authorized service providers can replace the lock if keys are lost or stolen, making it harder for criminals to gain access.

They can be used at the entryway of a business but are also great for doors to rooms where money, equipment or files are kept. Often these locks are more expensive than traditional locks but for customers who want to feel safe at home they can be worth the extra expense. They can also be a good investment for businesses who want to prevent financial losses.

Modern Styled Locks

Modern styled locks are designed to make your home look stylish and safe at the same time. They offer a wide selection of styles from traditional knobs to state-of-the-art access control biometric systems that will allow you to program when and who can enter specific rooms. They also come with an impressive list of anti-theft features.

If you are worried about a neighbor or family member gaining access to your home, then you may want to consider getting new lock sets for all of your doors. These types of locks are designed to prevent key picking and bumping and can be installed in a matter of minutes by an experienced locksmith.

If you are concerned about someone who already has a copy of your old keys having access to your home, then you can have a locksmith change the pins and spring setting inside your lock so that the old keys will no longer work.

Keyless Entry Locks

We offer a selection of keyless entry locks that will make you feel like you’re inside a sci-fi movie. These stylish locks can improve the look of your home without compromising security.

These locks replace your existing doorknob and include a lock with either a physical keypad or a fingerprint sensor. They require a wireless connection to work, but most have easy-to-follow instructions and links to helpful videos online. Some also have customer service lines where representatives can help you get started if you’re having trouble.

Unlike smart locks, this purely mechanical lock doesn’t have any electronics to fail or slow down over time. However, it does have some drawbacks: it’s less secure than electronic options because the bolt isn’t longer and has a weaker strike plate; it can only hold one access code at a time; and there’s no backup way to enter if you forget your code. It does have an ANSI Grade 1 rating, which is the highest available.

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying is an easy, inexpensive (sometimes even DIY), and effective way to lighten a full key ring to just the keys you need. It can also improve your security by helping to ensure that you have the only set of keys that opens your door locks. But, first it is important to understand when rekeying makes sense and when you should change your lock instead.

Rekeying a lock involves swapping out the old pins in your current lock cylinder to match new key pins. This prevents your old keys from working in the lock, and it’s a quick and affordable option for changing the locks in your home after moving in or to make sure that no one has copied your key. But, it’s not a secure enough solution to replace worn or damaged locks, which require replacement. Changing your locks is the best way to address these issues. Our locksmiths can help with that too.

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